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In March of 2004, activists of local communities eager to improve the quality of life in rural communities came to the Municipality of Kaunas Region and decided to establish the Local Action Group (LAG) of Kaunas Region which on the basis of LEADER+ Initiative would assist rural communities in the implementation of the strategy of the development of the rural areas. In June of 2004, the Association of the Local Action Group (LAG) of Kaunas Region consisting of community activists, businessmen, representatives of the Municipality and the Council was registered.

Kaunas Region LAGThe main objective of the LAG was on the basis of LEADER+ and other initiatives of the European Union to formulate the strategy of the development of the rural areas in Kaunas region, encourage local actions, support the projects and initiatives of local communities, cooperate with other similar associations, national and international agencies and organisations.  

The LAG may be joined by any natural (of adult age) or juridical person who agrees with the basic values and Bylaws of the Association and does not have aims contradicting them or the Laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Potential members of the Association shall present a request. Then, the Board of the Association shall accept it by the simple majority of participating votes.

Vision of the LAG of Kaunas Region: Solid network of cooperation and partnership stimulating national self-consciousness and capacitating the constant improvement of living standards.

Mission of the LAG of Kaunas Region: We consolidate communities and encourage the cooperation among them, business entities and government institutions in order to improve the ability and capacity of the rural population to co-live in harmony.

Major aims of the LAG of Kaunas Region:

●  implement Kaunas Region Local Development Strategy, which is intended for quality improvement of dwellers' life;
●  keep project-based action;
●  activate communities of the region, prompt their project-based actions, securing those actions sponsorship through LEADER and other programmes;
●  strengthen partnership among all social partners.


Kaunas Region LAGBy inducing activity of rural communities and enterprise of local dwellers', Kaunas Region LAG seeks to create and save attractive and harmonious living environment of Kaunas region rural locations. We are supported by govermental institutions. Close partnership with Kaunas District Municipality, its representatives participation in casual LAG action matured our organization.

Our priorities goes to effective use of EU support in order to strengthen equal development of rural locations. We intend big attention for creation of learning community as well. For tis reason we contract internal and international contacts for cooperation. Members of the LAG consistenly learns and raise qualification. Our organization is a member of Lithuanian Rural Community Union, Lithuanian LAG Network, Lithuanian Rural Network.

Kaunas Region LAG strategy is administered by these employees: project manager – Vytautas Zubas,  project coordinator –  Jolanta Marija Malinauskaitė, project administrator – Kristina Kazlauskaitė-Zumarienė, project administrator – Rūta Dzikienė, project administrator (responsible for internet site) – Paulius Repšys, accountant-general – Edita Varapeckienė.


Members of Kaunas Region LAG:



Name and surname of delegated representative


Čekiškės krašto bendruomenės centras

Valentinas Savickas


Dviračio mėgėjų klubas

Algirdas Pukelis


Ežerėlio bendruomenės centras

Jolanta Marija Malinauskaitė


Kačerginės bendruomenės centras

Gintautas Kazlauskas


Kačerginės bendruomenės centras

Milda Gintilienė


Kulautuvos bendruomenės centras

Andrius Avėnas


Bendruomenės centras ”Lapių miestelis“

Vilma Šternbergienė


Linksmakalnio kaimo bendruomenė

Vaclovas Žvirblis


Moterų ūkininkių sajunga

Nijolė Šabaniauskienė


Neveronių jaunimo centras

Virginija Smilinskienė


Raudondvario kaimo bendruomenės centras

Laura Janušauskienė


Raudondvario kaimo bendruomenės centras

Paulius Repšys


Rokų kaimo bendruomenės centras

Stanislovas Nacius


Samylų bendruomenės centras

Jolanta Sidabrienė


Saulėtekio BC "Atmintis"

Arūnas Astrauskas


Sporto klubas "Pilėnai"

Tomas Ilevičius


Vandžiogalos kaimiškoji bendruomenė

Ramutė Aleksandravičienė


Vilkijos gyvenvietės bendruomenės centras „Upės vingis“

Asta Pleskienė


Vilkijos bendruomenės centras

Jolanta Bačėnienė


Zapyškio bendruomenės centras

Evaldas Klimas


Zapyškio bendruomenės centras

Vilija Tarnavičiūtė


Kauno rajono savivaldybės administracija

Darius Šlapikas


Kauno rajono savivaldybės administracija

Gražina Čepulienė


Kauno rajono savivaldybės administracija

Leonardas Stanaitis


Kauno rajono savivaldybės taryba

Nijolė Kliučienė


Kauno rajono savivaldybės taryba

Alfonsas Norkus


V. Zubienės IĮ „Salonas Wals“

Vytautas Zubas


Individuali įmonė

Virginija Zazienė

29. Braziūkų kaimo bendruomenė "Indrajos namai" Rolandas Rimkus
30. Pagirių kaimo bendruomenės centras

Rūta Pusvaškienė

31. Kauno rajono "Triupio" kaimo bendruomenė

Kęstutis Šabaniauskas

32. Jadagonių bendruomenės centras

Skirmantas Paukštys

32. Skautų tuntas "Vilkijos ąžuolai"

Aleksandra Jasnauskienė


Members of Board of Kaunas Region LAG:

Vytautas Zubas – LAG chairman,  LAG Board chairman

Jolanta Malinauskaitė – LAG assistant-chairman

Andrius Avėnas – board member

Milda Gintilienė – board member

Alfonsas Norkus – board member

Paulius Repšys –  board member

Jolanta Sidabrienė – board member

Vaclovas Žvirblis – board member